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CAC Reader Support


If you are experiencing difficulties installing a CAC reader, or the required software, please consult the information below.

1. Make sure your middleware is installed.

2. Ensure CAC reader is plugged in.

3. Reboot your system.


Thursby PKard™ for Mac

Thursby PKard

(this product sends two email receipts)

  1. Email containing links (use this one for downloading your software)
  2. Email containing codes (have this one handy for installation procedure)


  • Click download

Step 2: SAVE

  • Depending on which browser you have set to Default, the file should begin downloading automatically
  • By default, the file will automatically be saved in your computer's "Downloads" folder
  • Navigate to the Downloads folder by opening Finder and clicking Downloads (usually in the left-hand panel)
  • Once open you will see a file named "pkard(some number).dmg"


  • (Left) Double click on the file to launch it, Mac OS will automatically decompress it

Thursby suppport: (817) 478-5070 or

NOTE: If you are experiencing problems with your CAC reader, please visit our CAC Support page.

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